La Varenne at Tornado Tower


I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There is a new restaurant in town…actually two! If you work at Tornado Tower, you’re already in on this secret. The guys at La Varenne don’t want the place to get crowded although I can already tell it’s going to be popular, so let’s just keep it between us for the moment.


Personally I find choosing where to have lunch quite hard in Doha, so whenever a new place opens, I’m very excited! La Varenne serves traditional Parisian food – something you don’t get a lot of in Doha. The brasserie was named after Francois Pierre La Varenne, the first person to compile a book of recipes and is really well decorated and has a brilliant view – no construction in sight!

Today, they invited the media along for lunch and a little tour round their kitchen.


The first two pictures are theirs – and I’ve accidentally made it look darker than it really is! It’s quite bright in La Varenne – but the photos look romantic, don’t they?

Onto the most important thing….the food….


Tomato and aubergine tarte with rocket salad…delicious. And healthy! I think this was my favourite and I don’t even like pastry.


Bouillabaisse – a traditional French dish which is a selection of fish and shellfish.

6Chicken, for those who aren’t interested in fish.

7And a selection of desserts. I forgot to photograph the French Onion Soup because it didn’t last longer than a minute, but I definitely recommend it.

2Beautifully decorated, the roses are a nice touch.

La Varenne is open for breakfast and for lunch at the moment, although it will be open for dinner later in the year. It was lovely French food, very light and healthy, a perfect place to take friends or clients for a business lunch. Also, you can have a glass of a certain something at this place, making it feel truly and authentically French!

I know I’m going back soon!